Evening Programme of Russian Wine Fair 2012: chef from France and wines from Russia

The final stage of Drinks Industry / Russian Wine Fair 2012 exhibition took place in the restaurant "Cadril s omarom" in the evening of November 22, 2012 with a joint presentation of magnificent dishes from Michelin chef Thierry Schwartz and Russian wines provided by the companies "Tsimlyanskye vina" from the Rostov region and "Kuban-Vino" from the Krasnodar region.Having tasted in advance a combination of presented wines and dishes from the Alsace region offered by Terri Schwartz, the chief sommelier of the restaurant recommended to serve only Russian sparkling wines, which, in their variety of styles could well complement most dishes of "winter menu" from Тьерри ШварцFrench chef.
For restaurant guests who came to enjoy the culinary delights of French chef, Thierry Schwartz offered a tasting set, consisting of the following courses:
- egg in a shell of black truffle (L`oeuf dans l`oeuf a la truffe noire);
- foie gras "Maréchal de Contade" (Pate de foie gras d`oie «Marechal de Contade»);
- vegetable dumplings "winter bloom" (Gnocchi, Coouleur de l`hiver, Feuilles insolites);
- dish of a young kid with cereals and seasoning (Cabri, Cereales et Condiments);
- dessert Paris - Brest (Paris – Brest – dessert).
The guests were offered the following wines:
- "Tsimlyanskoye cooked the old Cossack way" 2009, red sweet sparkling wine.
Garnet color with a purple rim. Aroma a bit closed, with flavors of black plums and grapes. Taste too sugary, haunting, fruity, slightly spicy.
- «Boucket Pobedy» 2008, pink vintage sparkling wine extra-brut.
Intensive play of small bubbles that form thin threads. Beautiful pale coral color. Many-sided aroma, not complicated, but very pleasant, with notes of sweet fruit, roasted coffee beans, with strong, floral, spicy and Ashberry notes, with hints of roasted chestnuts. Mineral taste.
- Chateau Taman "Muscat", white semi-dry sparkling wine.
Intensive play of small bubbles that form thin threads. Shiny straw color. Floral aroma, with notes of gooseberry and exotic fruits. Taste fruity, moderately acidic, slightly mineral, tingling with gooseberry shades in the aftertaste.
- Chateau Taman "Roza Tamani" pink semi-dry sparkling wine.
Delicate and refined taste, a beautiful and long-lasting play of bubbles. Bright flavor, subdued by fruit and floral tones.All kinds of sparkling wines were described in details and offered to each guest without any specific recommendations. Every guest chose a gastronomic pair relying on his own taste and finding the optimal variant just for himself. Thus were formed the most popular combinations.
The audience especially appreciated the subtle combination of "Boucket Pobedy" and foie gras, which was not cooked in the traditional version, but more austerely and laconically than usual.
The egg in a shell of black truffle was perfectly matched with bright bouquet of Muscat sparkling from Chateau Taman. While the sweet "Tsimlyanskoye cooked the old Cossack way" and semi-dry sparkling Chateau Taman "Roza Tamani" competed with each other for the right to be a supplement to the air light dessert.

Вечерняя программа Russian Wine Fair 2012Вечерняя программа Russian Wine Fair 2012Вечерняя программа Russian Wine Fair 2012Вечерняя программа Russian Wine Fair 2012Вечерняя программа Russian Wine Fair 2012

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