Secrets of Rosé from Patrick Léon

On November 20th in Moscow at Crocus City Mall, within the frames of the business program of the international exhibition Russian Wine Fair 2012 a master class "Secrets of Rosé from Patrick Léon " was held, run by Patrick Léon, a prominent French winemaker and chief enologist of "Lefkadia", and sales and marketing manager Alla Topolyan.
Патрик ЛеонThe master class took place in the restaurant Fusion, where visitors were lucky to try the range of wines rosé, the first two of which of 2010 and 2011 were first introduced to the public simultaneously.
Patrick Léon showed his skills on the legendary vineyards of the Rothschild family, in the company of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, where he worked as technical director for nearly 30 years. He is the author of such wines as Chateau mouton rothschild in Bordeaux, Almaviva (Chile) and Opus One (USA, California). Currently, Mr. Léon is the head of the expert council of "Lefkadia" working on creation of elite varieties of Russian wines and is personally involved in the production process.
To the participants of the workshop, Patrick Léon told a bit about the history of rosé wine, and noted that it did not previously have a clear personification and was considered to be a sort of light wines. Now the production of rosé wine amounts to 10% of the world wine production. Over the past 10 years, the production of rosé in the world increased by 15%. This wine is produced all over the world, but, as before, everyone peers at Provence. According to Mr. Léon, the production of rosé is a kind of selection of ratio of all parameters, where the main focus should be concentrated on the technique of white grapes processing.
Секреты Розе от Патрика ЛеонаAt the master class the following wines were presented:
– Flamingo Lefkadii 2010 rosé dry I.G.T. – Lefkadia. Dry rosé wine. Varietal Composition: 80% Grenache and 10% Chardonnay. Color pink, salmon. The aroma is fresh, unoxidized. The scent - a crust of fresh bread, brioche, notes of mandarin. In taste - fresh, full, buttery, rounded.
– Flamingo Lefkadii 2011 rose dry I.G.T. – Lefkadia. Dry rosé wine. Varietal Composition: grenache, Vermentino (Roll). Structured wine with an impressive taste. The aroma: notes of red berries, raspberries, strawberries, black currants and citrus. With a pleasant, lively aftertaste. Both varieties are better served with meat and seafood. Special tradition - "Flamingo Lefkada" with delicious local crayfish.
– Whispering Angel Rose. Chateau d'Esclans 2011. Dry rosé wine. Basic variety - Grenache, but Carignan and roll are also present. Elegant, intelligent wine. Light pink transparent color and light and fresh berry flavors. Spiced with tangible tannins and bright mineral notes. Suitable for salads, cold meats. United States became the first buyers of this wine.
Of all the varieties, Patrick Léon singled Grenache as the most suitable for the production of rosé, as it gives wines not sour, fresh, but not grassy. Mr. Léon expects a significant surge of consumption of rosé wines in Russia. A lot of styles and types of rosé wine are being produced at the moment, and as a result the fashion for rosé is growing, says Patrick Léon. Rosé wines of “Lefkada”, for example, presents a serious competition to the world's best samples of the modern winemaking art. According to Patrick Léon they are truly elite wines!

Секреты Розе от Патрика ЛеонаСекреты Розе от Патрика ЛеонаСекреты Розе от Патрика ЛеонаСекреты Розе от Патрика Леона

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